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g4wowgwow: I have raised my rating on this on the grounds that of late the slack has not been so awful. I play on a standout amongst the most populated servers and there were times when the line to get into the diversion numbered up as high as three hundred. That was a calamity for players, yet it is additionally something I trust Blizzard has endeavored to settle. At the point when there is no slack to fight with the diversion run incredible. That slack has truly shown signs of improvement after some time and permits players the most obvious opportunity to gone through things without trouble. By offering things like domain exchanges, Blizzard has demonstrated that they genuinely need players to have the most ideal running diversion. I simply trust I never observe another line when I attempt to sign in. Blizzard's client benefit group has dependably appeared as they don't exist to me. At the point when a ticket is placed in it more often than not takes a few hours to get a reaction. Be that as it may I have heard stories of organizations wiping on real managers do to slack or bugs and the client benefit group has remunerated them with the correct plunder as though the supervisor was executed. That being the situation I figure client administration would be viewed as remarkable. Still it takes hours to get anything settled. I have called them earlier lastly got the chance to address an agent in the wake of holding up a lot of minutes on hold. I think this is the same for some organizations when you have an issue.

6 months ago

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